Can a hedgehog eat a snake?

Snake and hedgehog
Snake and hedgehog

The hedgehog is a small, spiny insect nocturnal insect-eater. The hedgehog as a species, is very old. Hedgehogs have roamed the earth almost unchanged for millions of years. Hedgehogs, may have been existing already at the time of the dinosaurs.

When grandma and grandpa went to school, old school books had a picture, which presented a hedgehog being the main enemy of the viper. The hedgehog , however, would not invade living adult snake snake. They might anyway eat the carcasses of dead snakes.

Hedgehogs natural food are beetles, Shield Bugs, millipedes, ants, earwigs and spiders. However, hedgehogs also eat caterpillars, snails, earthworms, frogs, lizards and mice. 

For your garden hedgehog you can provide, for example, boiled fish and crushed peanuts. The fish has to be cooked so that the hidden parasites die and do not spread in the body of the hedgehog. You can also provide, say, cat food, both dry and wet food, because they do not contain very large quantities of salt or strong seasonings, which can be detrimental to hedgehog. Hedgehog insectivore teeth are not suitable for milling, so hard pellets are recommended to be soaked in water before offered.

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