MRI Scanner

What is Magnetic resonance imaging?

Little Green Boy in magnetic scanner
Little Green Boy in magnetic scanner

Magnetic resonance imaging is a technique that allows doctors to see inside the human being. In humans, there is no bonnet, which can be easily opened, such as in a car. It would be inconvenient if you always should do the surgery in order to get to investigate what is happening inside the human.

To view inside a person, there are number of different methods. The old method is the X-ray imaging, which enables you to easily see, for example, the skeleton. In this way, it is easy to study, say, whether the leg has a fracture. Other older methods are eg. Endoscopy, in which a small camera is inserted into the man in, for example, orally.

MRI image of brain

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the latest methods. A large electromagnet and a computer form a kind of camera that can take a photo of a person in slices. Magnetic picture looks a little sliced ​​potato and cone an easily see how the different layers within the human look. MRI can be used to investigate, for example, the most important part of the human body, the brain and their functions.

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