People 60,000 years ago

Where does man come from?

Little Green Boy
Little Green Boy

People throughout history have been interested to know where we come from. In olden times, information was scarce, but in different places they created stories that are amazingly similar.

The Bible says that God created man from the dust. Similar stories have appeared at different times in other nations and religions. Some people believe that the world was created from saliva or poop of a god. African rosin believed that the world was created by the rainbow snake’s back.

Later on, a bearded scientist named Charles Darwin explored contacts between the various species and concluded that during millions of years, species adapted to their environment by natural selection and slowly spread over the different species. He called this theory to evolution.

Evolutionary theory says that all animals have evolved originally from fish. First born reptiles, such as dinosaurs. Then the birds and then mammals. Darwin said. that the man has gradually evolved from apes. Many scientists are still sharing this opinion.

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