Where does yoghurt come from?

A Cow

Yoghurt is milk that is acidified using lactic acid bacteria. Yoghurt production is close to those of butter and sour cream. Also cheese is made by similar method.  Before the start of the 1900s yoghurt was consumed especially in South-East Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and India. 

You can try the yogurt preparation at home for instance, together with the mother or father.

You will need a pot of milk and a half pots of seed of natural yoghurt. The milk is boiled in a saucepan and then allowed to cool to below 122 degrees. After cooling, the milk is mixed with yogurt – you can add milk powder, if you want a thicker yogurt. The mixture is then placed in the bowl or glass jars and placed in a warm place for 4-7 hours. A good trick is to heat the oven to 122 degrees, and then turn it off and put the jars there.

Ready yogurt can be flavored with sugar and banana for example. Self-made yogurt will remain in the refrigerator for about a week (on the surface may be formed whey)

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