Why telephones do exist?

Little Green Boy on phone
Little Green Boy on phone

How did you contact other people before the invention of telephone? Signal drums, smoke signals, postal wagons, couriers, telegraph? More than one persons have been considered to be the inventor of the phone. One of the best known (though perhaps not the very first) is Alexander Graham Bell. He is said to have spoken on the phone the first words: “Watson, come here, I need to talk.”

In your mother’s and father’s childhood  so-called, landline telephones were the only form of phones and mobile phones and video calls would never even been dreamed of. They could be seen only in science fiction movies. Radio phones were used by authorities and the truck drivers. In general, every home had one telephone and it was a phone in the hallway on the table. On the table, then there was a small notepad, which was used to draw doodles while the phone’s twisted cord was wrapped around your finger to pass the time during a long phone call. Normally, the phone did not show who is calling, so we always had to answer objectively with your own name or a phone number.

Today, the phone is taken for granted. People are reachable everywhere and always. The phone is a convenient way to keep in touch with relatives who live further away. Smoke signals, jungle drum and shouting would not carry very far.

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